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Custom Rebuilt Transmissions By Trutech/Procare

4L60E Remanufactured / Rebuilt Transmissions
Stock Plus ... Transmissions
{ Rated 400HP Upto 900HP - 1995-2014 }
Price: $1895.00 - Base Price
4L65E Custom Remanufactured Transmission
Stock M32 ... Transmissions
{ Rated 500HP Upto 900HP - 2002-2006 }
Price: $2398.00 - Base Price
4L70E Custom Remanufactured Transmission
Blueprinted M70 ... Transmissions
{ Rated 600HP Upto 900HP - 2007-UP }
Price: $2498.00 - Base Price
4L75E Custom Remanufactured Transmission Blueprinted M70 ... Transmissions
{ Rated 500HP Upto 1000HP 1995-2014}
Price: $3995.00 - Base Price
6L80E Custom Remanufactured Transmission
Built MYC ... Transmissions
{ Rated 400HP Upto 1000HP 2006-2017}
Price: $3810.00 - Base Price
700R4 Custom Remanufactured Transmission
Stock Plus ... Transmissions
{ Rated 400HP Upto 800HP - 1982-1993 }
Price: $1895.00 - Base Price

Custom Performance Transmission From Trutech/Procare

Trutech/Procare builds transmission to give a long service life. We pay close attention when inspecting parts that are to be reinstalled. The most overlooked part in the transmission is the valve body. The valve body usually shows little or no signs of wear on a visual inspection. In reality, in the 4L60 transmission valve body wear is the most common cause of clutch failure. The aluminum casting is prone to wear from oscillating valves and bypasses fluid creating low apply pressure to the clutch pistons. At Trutech Transmissions every valve body is completely remanufactured and tested for leakage. We also install high performance accumulator and shift valves for better shift performance. We do not install "quick fix TCC valves" or "shift kits" claiming to repair worn or damaged valve bodies. Only high quality replacement parts that meet or exceed factory specifications are used in the remanufacturing process. The valve body is also the single most expensive part in the transmission..

That's our promise to you.

Trutech/Procare is a family owned business with over 25 years of retail experience based on General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler rebuild kits. We have developed our corporation into one of the leaders in the industry. Whether you need advice, a custom built transmission, or just a part, Trutech/Procare has the knowledge and ability to handle your requests. We believe that by giving our customers a great shopping experience, sales will come on their own. Rather than focusing on maximizing profits, we focus on maximizing the service that we provide and providing the lowest prices possible. Our customer service and sales advisors are on hand to assist you with getting the most out of your experience.
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