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4L60E 4L65E 700R4 Raybestos SKF OEM Forward Sprag 1987-UP

Product Desc: Trutech/Procare Parts
Product Part No: -- RBOEM24210961-87UP
Transmissions: --
4L60E 4L65E 700R4 { 1987-UP }
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: -- 1 ea
Shipping Weight: -- 1.50 lbs
Trutech/Procare:Raybestos SKF OEM Forward Sprag
Base Price:
Product Description
Maraging steel gives you an elevated level of strength, hardness, and ductility. These steels are created through an aging process that results in the development of a hard, brittle crystalline called martensite. The term "maraging" is, in fact, a simple combination of martensite and aging.
The construction of maraging steel allows it to withstand atmospheres that would quite simply destroy most standard steel. The aging process instills maraging steel with the ability to withstand sudden changes in speed and temperature, even at extreme levels. This quality has made maraging steel alloys an important component of many of the air and spacecraft used today.
  • True High Performance part
  • We can update your 1982-1987 700R4 to use this sprag, call for details:
  • Bronze end-bearings:
  • Individual springs on each element for faster response time and torque transfer:
  • 29 elements:
  • Higher quality maraging steel for higher fatigue limit than stainless:
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