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Pumps Non-Auxiliary 700R4 { 1984-1987 } R74500A8487-01

Product Description For Trutech/Procare Parts

Product Part No: -- R74500A8487-01

Transmissions: -- 700R4 { 1984-1987 }
Pricing Information:
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: 1 ea Shipping Weight: 18.00 lbs
Base Price:
Product Description
Refundable Core Charge $50.00
The R74500A is a (1.00" Input Shaft) (Non Auxiliary Type) complete rebuilt oil pump assembly for 700R4 transmissions, years 1984-1987.
After all components are installed, all bolts are torqued to OEM specifications - ensuring that the Recon pump assembly is ready for immediate installation!.
Pumps Non-Auxiliary R74500A8487-01

Features & Benefits

  • Sonnax Upgrades:
    • Boost Valve and Sleeve (0.490”):
    • Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve:
  • 100% New Bushing Replacement:
  • New Front Seal:
  • New Pump Rotor Kit:
  • Our premium remanufactured pumps have been machined to within .001" tolerance and includes:
    • New rotor, slide and vanes:
    • The stator shaft has been replaced or inspected and meets factory specifications:
    • Pressure regulator valve have been upgraded with the latest Sonnax valve:
    • New upgraded bushings and seals:
    • These pumps are ready to install and provide you with years of dependable service:
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