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HGM Compushift II ECM Controller EFI Engine-Fuel Injected

Product Description For HGM Compushift II

Product Part No: -- Carburetor

Transmissions: -- EFI Engine (Fuel Injected) - In Select List
Pricing Information:
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: 1 ea Weight: 10.00 lbs
Base Price:
Product Description
COMPUSHIFT II is the latest generation transmission control system from HGM Automotive Electronics, Inc. COMPUSHIFT II operates automatic shifting, paddle shifting, and torque converter clutch lock-up for a wide variety of transmissions, allowing the owner to customize performance and the driving experience.
No laptop is needed to program the COMPUSHIFT II, but a PC can be connected via the USB port for system software updates and tuning if desired. The system is delivered with versatile factory-set programming for a wide variety of transmission and engine combinations.
HGM Compushift II ECM Controller EFI Engine-Fuel Injected
Throttle position measurement, needed for proper transmission shift timing and control, can be taken from an existing fuel injection system signal (harness provided), or a throttle position sensor (Acculink) can be used for gasoline carbureted engines or mechanical injection diesels. Dual CAN buses can connect to existing engine management or body control computers. A MAP sensor can be connected for turbocharged applications if needed. The Part Contents all of the necessary cable harnesses and a handheld display.

Features & Benefitss

  1. 2nd Generation:
  2. With Display:
  3. Supports (EFI Engine - Fuel Injected) In Select List:
  4. No laptop is needed to program the COMPUSHIFT II:

Quick Install Guide:

COMPUSHIFT II Quick Install Guide:
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