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HGM Compushift II ECM Controller Carburetor

Product Description For HGM Compushift II

Product Part No: -- Carburetor

Transmissions: -- Carburetor-Engine - In Select List
Pricing Information:
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: 1 ea Weight: 10.00 lbs
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Product Description
COMPUSHIFT II is the latest generation transmission control system from HGM Automotive Electronics, Inc. COMPUSHIFT II operates automatic shifting, paddle shifting, and torque converter clutch lock-up for a wide variety of transmissions, allowing the owner to customize performance and the driving experience.
No laptop is needed to program the COMPUSHIFT II, but a PC can be connected via the USB port for system software updates and tuning if desired. The system is delivered with versatile factory-set programming for a wide variety of transmission and engine combinations.
HGM Compushift II ECM Controller Carburetor
Throttle position measurement, needed for proper transmission shift timing and control, can be taken from an existing fuel injection system signal (harness provided), or a throttle position sensor (Acculink) can be used for gasoline carbureted engines or mechanical injection diesels. Dual CAN buses can connect to existing engine management or body control computers. A MAP sensor can be connected for turbocharged applications if needed. The Part Contents all of the necessary cable harnesses and a handheld display.

Features & Benefitss

  1. 2nd Generation:
  2. With Display:
  3. Supports (Carburetor Engine) In Select List About:
  4. No laptop is needed to program the COMPUSHIFT II:

Quick Install Guide:

COMPUSHIFT II Quick Install Guide:
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