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Abbott Cable-X-3012 { 700R4 1982 1993 }

Product Desc: Trutech/Procare Parts
Product Part No: -- AbbottCable-X
Transmissions: -- 700R4 { 1982 1993 }
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: -- 1 ea
Trutech/Procare:Abbott Cable-X-3012
Base Price:
Product Description
Install a mechanical tachograph or operate a mechanical speedometer on a vehicle equipped with an electronic speedometer signal (sensor).
You can do it -- quickly and easily -- at a cost far below that of buying and installing drive gears in the transmission.
You save on the cost of buying and installing electronic tachographs and speedometers.
Cable-X lets you use popular, low cost mechanical tachographs such as Abbott, Argo, Sangamo, Servis Recorder
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