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4L70E Master Builder Kit Raybestos Blue Plate Level 3 { 2006-2008 }

Product Desc: Trutech/Procare Parts
Product Part No: -- 4L70E20062008BLPL-L3
Transmissions: -- 4L70E { 2006-2008 }
Package and Weight
Package Size: 24 X 16 X 10"
Package Quantity: -- 1 ea
Shipping Weight: -- 38.00 lbs
Trutech/Procare: Performance Master Builder Kit Raybestos Blue Plate Level 3
We are proud to provide only the best parts to our customers. Our Performance Overhaul Kits are complete with all parts necessary to overhaul and upgrade the clutches and band in your transmission. We have included parts necessary to restore hydraulic intregrity. Your transmission frictions will be capable of supporting up to a 750HP horsepower engine. To support high horsepower engines gear train upgrades will be necessary.
Base Price:
Options: Upgrade or Add Selected Items:
Opt: 1: Remove: ACdelco 5-pinion Rear Planetary - -336.46
Opt: 2: Add: ACdelco 5 Pin-Front Planetary and Hub - +349.89
Opt: 3: Upgrade To: Sonnax Heavy Duty Sun Shell Kit 77749-02K - +39.96
Opt: 4: Add: Sonnax Bearing Kit SBK-G12 - +33.47
Product Description
Kit Contents
  1. Complete Raybestos Stage One Friction Kit:
  2. Complete set steels with 3-4 Kolene steels:
  3. Complete gasket and seal kit:
  4. Wide Raybestos Pro Series Band:
  5. ACdelco 3-4 Apply and Backing plates for proper 3-4 clearance:
  6. New ACdelco reverse input drum:
  7. "Beast" sun shell:
  8. ACdelco 5 pinion rear planetary gear:
  9. Trutech Performance Shift Improvement Module:
  10. Complete bushing kit with Teflon front pump bushing:
  11. Complete thrust washer kit:
  12. ACdelco 3rd accumulator and 3-4 exhaust check valves for hydraulic integrity:
  13. 3 input drum bonded steel clutch pistons:
  14. Sonnax replacement load release springs:
  15. Quality OEM filter:
For Applications Stock To { Strip Up to 700HP }
  • Our kits contain parts that are very important to long clutch life. These parts are not included in kits sold by other venders:
  • This is the complete kit with all the parts necessary to upgrade your transmission to support high horsepwer engines:
  • Build it yourself the right way and save money also!:
This kit is complete with everything you need to build your transmission like a professional high performance builder. Starting with Raybestos Blue Plate High Performance frictions including a 7 friction for the 3-4 clutch and steel kit that includes thick kolene 3-4 steels plus turbulator low/reverse and reverse input steels. The 3-4 steels have been kolene treated. Kolene treatment is a thermochemical diffusion process, whereby ferrous parts are processed in molten salt with a specific nitrogen potential. This process provides a surface treatment that enhances wear and fatigue resistance from 200% to 500%. Also included is a complete gasket/seal kit, complete bushing kit with the teflon coated front pump bushing, the apply and backing plate necessary for proper 3-4 clutch clearance, three bonded input drum pistons with updated overrun spring, extra wide high energy carbon 2-4 band, a new ACDelco reverse drum (for the wide band), the "beast" sunshell, new ACDelco 5 pinion rear planetary, a 29 element forward sprag, performance separator plate, 3-4 exhaust check valve, 3rd accumulator check valve, Sonnax 3-4 replacement load release springs, thrust washer kit and OEM filter. To enhance shift performance a TruTech/Procare Transmission shift improvement kit (with "corvette" servo) is included with a FREE tub of transmission assembly lube.
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