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4L65E Rebuild Kit Ultimate Towing Off-Road { 2002-2003 }

Product Desc: Trutech/Procare Parts
Product Part No: -- 4L65E19972003UT-OR
Transmissions: -- 4L65E { 2002-2003 }
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: -- 1 ea
Shipping Weight: -- 18.0 lbs
Trutech/Procare: Performance Rebuild Kit Ultimate Towing Off-Road
we are proud to provide only the best parts to our customers. This is a custom kit specifically designed for trucks and SUVs used for heavy towing or off road applications. At Trutech we understand the importance matching the right friction material with the function of a given clutch in the automatic transmission. This kit will work in numerous applications.
Base Price:
Options: Upgrade or Add Selected Items:
Opt: 1: Upgrade To: Alto G3 frictions 3-4 clutch - +29.75
Opt: 2: Add: Complete Bushing Kit - +19.98
Opt: 3: Upgrade To: High Performance gasket set with Viton seals - +15.00
Product Description
Kit Contents
  1. Raybestos Blue Plate frictions in forward and overrun for ultimate towing ability:
  2. Raybestos GPZ105 frictions in 3-4 clutch to handle the high torque and high heat of this shifting clutch:
  3. High static OEM frictions for a strong reverse gear range:
  4. The Raybestos Pro Series wide band for super duty 2nd and 4th gear:
  5. Complete steel kit with turbulator reverse steels and kolene 3-4 steels:
  6. Complete gasket and seal kit:
  7. ACdelco 3-4 Apply and Backing plates for proper 3-4 clearance:
  8. ACdelco 3rd accumulator check valve for hydraulic integrity:
  9. Sonnax replacement load release springs:
Ultimate Towing-Off Road Rebuild Kit:
At Trutech we custom design overhaul kits to match the application. There is no one friction that can perform the task required by both a holding clutch and a shifting clutch. The forward clutch is the 1st gear range in the 4L65E transmission. It goes without saying how important this clutch is in moving a vehicle forward under heavy load. The strongest static friction available is the Raybestos Blue Plate. The Blue plate is the friction we use as the forward clutch in this kit. We use the Blue Plate for the overrun clutch also because this clutch assists the forward sprag in holding under heavy towing conditions and also provides engine braking.
The 3-4 clutch is different from the forward and overrun clutches which are applied when the vehicle is stationary. The 3-4 clutch must stop moving parts to apply. When the 3-4 applies heat is generated rapidly as the frictions lock up. The Raybestos GPZ series frictions are designed to hold under high torque conditions and withstand very high tempertures, up to 1100 F. The GPZ series frictions are by far the best high energy friction manufactured. Raybestos backs this friction with a 5 year / 100,000 mile warranty. Visit Raybestos Powertrain website to read about this warranty. Our 3-4 clutch set up is a 7 friction six steel stack. We include the proper apply and backing plates for adequate clutch clearance. Also with include the 3rd accumulator check valve which is a very important component in hydraulic integrity and durability of the 3-4 clutch. This kit contains the Sonnax 3-4 replacement load release springs because release of the clutch is just as important as apply.
The Raybestos Pro Series wide band is our choice for a strong 2nd and 4th gear. This band is reinforced with heavy anchors and manufactured with a high energy material designed to withstand high torque and high heat conditions. The band in this transmission is also a shifting apply component like the 3-4 clutch.
If you have any transmission technical questions contact us by email. This is a free service provided to our customers. No purchase is required. All questions will be answered within 24 hours. Thank you for for choosing Trutech/Procare Performance Transmissions.
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