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Sonnax Pinless Accumulator Piston Kit 77998-03K

Product Description For Sonnax Parts
Product Part No: -- 77998-03K
Transmissions: -- 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 700R4
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: -- 1 ea
Sonnax:High Performance Part - Pinless Accumulator Piston Kit.
Base Price:
Product Description
Part Information:
In 200-4R applications, this kit can only be used in the 3-4 accumulator location.
Helps cure: Poor shift quality - Burnt clutches & bands.
  • Pinless design eliminates the possibility of pin bore leakage and the additional length stabilizes the piston to prevent piston cocking:
  • Dual seals stabilize and completely seal the bore and provide a tight seal even after thousands of cycles:
  • Steel balls plug existing pin bore in case or cover:
Part Contents
  1. D-Ring Viton®:
  2. Pinless Accumulator Piston Aluminum:
  3. Seal PTFE:
  4. Steel Ball .312" dia.:
  5. Steel Ball .236" dia.:
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