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Sonnax Front/Rear Unit Endplay Shim 34500-Z

Product Description For Sonnax Parts
Product Part No: -- 34500-Z
Transmissions: -- 4L80E 4L85E TH400
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: -- 10 ea
Sonnax:High Performance Part - Front/Rear Unit Endplay Shim
Base Price:
Product Description
Part Information:
Updated 3-tang style shim fits all units, including '97-later 4L80/85-E.
  • Washer 34500-Z (.015" oversized) and 34500-Z (.030" oversized) take up the play between the forward clutch hub and the direct clutch housing, allowing front unit endplay to be reduced:
  • Washers also stabilize the direct drum, reducing delayed reverse and improving 2-3 clutch circuit:
  • Allows salvage of valuable hard parts:
Part Specs
  • Material: Steel
  • Thickness: 0.094"
  • Outer Dia.: 1.780"
  • Inner Dia.: 1.405"
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