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Sonnax Actuator Feed Limit Valve Kit 34200-16K

Product Description For Sonnax Parts
Product Part No: -- 34200-16K
Transmissions: -- 4L80E 4L85E
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: -- 1 ea
Sonnax:High Performance Part - Actuator Feed Limit Valve Kit
Base Price:
Product Description
Part Information:
  • Kit includes wear-resistant sleeve and anodized valve with annular grooves to prevent side loading:
  • Valve operates in full-contact sleeve, providing 54% more support:
  • Boosts oil pressure to the shift solenoids:
  • Eliminates AFL oil loss, corrects low line pressure:
Part Contents
  1. Valve:
  2. Sleeve:
  3. Long Spring:
  4. Short Spring:
  5. Retaining Clip:
Needed For Tooling