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Sonnax Neutral Safety Back-Up Insulator Service Kit 46RE 46RH 47RE 47RH 22229-03

Product Description For Sonnax Parts

Product Part No: -- 22229-03

Transmissions: -- 46RE 46RH 47RE 47RH
Pricing Information:
Package and Weight
Package Quantity: 1 ea Weight: 1.50 lbs
Base Price:
Product Description
1970-2002 with 3 terminal switch
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Sonnax Neutral Safety Back-Up Insulator Service Kit 22229-03
Note: Fits '70-'02 units with 3 terminal switch only. The rivet must be installed as described on instruction sheet or damage to the insulator will occur. Ease the insulator into place on the detent lever carefully to avoid damaging the plastic material:

Part Contents

  1. Insulator:
  2. Steel Pop Rivet:
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