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Trutech/Procare Compushift Transmission ECM By HGM Electronics

We are happy to announce we are now a dealer for Compushift ECMs manufactured by HGM electronics. There is an obvious need for a standalone ECM to operate the newer model transmissions in hot rods, muscle cars and high performance street vehicles. Mike Hoy, Hap and Guy Cardwell at HGM electronics have created a product that has modernized high performance transmissions. The days of setting TV geometry and calibrating governors are problems of the past. The Compushift ECMs are "plug and play" units receiving the main input data from a throttle position sensor (included in the kit). The Compushift ECM is preprogrammed and does not require the use of a laptop to install. The shift points and shift feel can be easily adjusted. There is even an optional display / monitor that act as a small scan tool displaying live operating data. The display/ monitor also allow reprogramming capability without the need for any other computer equipment. I was really impressed when Mike told me these ECMs have on board diagnostic capability and will store and display fault codes.
Compushift provides an output signal for driving speedometers. The signal is called reproduced toss. This signal replicates the signal coming from the toss (transmission output shaft speed) sensor. The signal should be used when you have an existing OEM speedometer or engine control computer that uses the toss sensor. Reproduced toss comes off the 25 pin connector and comes with enough cable to connect back to the original toss plug. A device called the Cable-X can drive mechanical speedometers if necessary. Built by Abbot Enterprises, the small Cable-X box motor rotates a speedometer cable at a rate proportional to an electronic speed input, and is calibrated to match your speedometer using internal switches. Trutech/Procare Transmissions is an authorized Cable-X retailer.
Currently Compushift ECMs are available for 4L60E/65E, 4L80E/85E, AODE, 4R70W/75W, E4OD, 4R100 and ZF4hHP-24 transmissions. Mike said they have plans to expand transmission coverage in the future. At Trutech/Procare Performance Transmissions our goal is to provide a quality product at the best prices. At present time the demand is high and delivery times are running between 10 and 15 business days. When ordering please specify make and model of vehicle, the type of engine, whether carburetor or fuel injection, transmission, final drive ratio and tire diameter.
COMPUSHIFT II Transmission Digest's NEW Top 10 Products of 2010.
COMPUSHIFT II is the latest generation transmission control system from HGM Automotive Electronics, Inc. COMPUSHIFT II operates automatic shifting, paddle shifting, and torque converter clutch lock-up for a wide variety of transmissions, allowing the owner to customize performance and the driving experience.
No laptop is needed to program the COMPUSHIFT II, but a PC can be connected via the USB port for system software updates and tuning if desired. The system is delivered with versatile factory-set programming for a wide variety of transmission and engine combinations.
Throttle position measurement, needed for proper transmission shift timing and control, can be taken from an existing fuel injection system signal (harness provided), or a throttle position sensor (Acculink) can be used for gasoline carbureted engines or mechanical injection diesels.
Dual CAN buses can connect to existing engine management or body control computers. A MAP sensor can be connected for turbocharged applications if needed.
The Part Contents all of the necessary cable harnesses and a handheld display.
Supported Transmissions.
  • GM 4L80E / GM4L85E:
  • GM 4L60E / GM4L65E:
  • GM 4L60E transaxle (Corvette):
  • Ford AODE:
  • Ford 4R70W / 4R75W:
  • Ford 4R100:
  • ZF4HP-24:
  • Nissan RE4R03A:
  • Toyota 442FL:
Optional Equipment.
  • Acculink Throttle Position Sensor:
  • Cable-operated Throttle Position Sensor:
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